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Dogs at Upwey House

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

We love our four-legged friends at Upwey House and they love it here too. With 23 acres of beautiful Dorset countryside, they can roam free and curl up in front of the log fires when they need a little R&R. We think Lola scrubbed up very nicely last weekend to celebrate Katie and Rob's wedding

This is Ted - he's a regular - look at the way he is making himself at home - he's a true Lord of the Manor!

And here is Frank, posing in front of the house, enjoying the sun. He is much naughtier than Ted but no less welcome. If you are coming to Upwey House with your dogs, we have put together some scenic walks that also take in the important pub stop along route. To learn more click here.

Frank also won an award at the annual Upwey Dog Show, held on the Upwey House grounds - second in the 'Most Handsome" category. Personally, we feel he was robbed!

Our canine companions often play VIP roles at Upwey House. Poppy, Lola and Bruce were "flower dogs" at Katie and Rob's recent wedding - and they did their owners very proud. As we said, we're a little bit canine-crazy!


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