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When in Dorset, make pizza!

On a very recent and sunny February weekend we decided to try our hands at making Italian-style pizzas in the new wood-fired oven which has been installed at Upwey House. Armed with enthusiasm, artichoke hearts and advice from Owen at The Dorset Pizza Co we set to work. The resident Australian Jody got the fire burning accompanied by arsonist wing-man Ben. We quickly learnt you only need one log, not 5!!! In the kitchen the pizza prep got quite competitive. Beatrice (aged 13) went straight in rolling out the perfect shape. Those that followed weren’t quite as accomplished – my pizza stubbornly remained as an oval despite best efforts with the rolling pin and Dan’s quickly became a calzone. There was flour everywhere – even on the dogs. But we persevered, learnt some flair and what delicious pizzas they were. Probably the best I’ve ever tasted, and I’ve had my fair share if I’m honest! Owen was brilliant at showing us what to do, how to be bold with the dough and not to overload it. We learned that the pizzas only take seconds to cook, that too much pepperoni results in a soggy bottom and that semolina flour gives an extra crispy base. Now we are true pizzaiolos and Dominos will never taste the same again. A great activity for all the family, lots of laughter and very full stomachs. We walked it all off with a stunning walk across Osmington the next morning. Why go to Italy when you can be in Dorset?


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